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Transcript of letter from Eric Lipmann, with note from Bruno Lipmann, To Rev. Alcorn 8 August 1944.

Eric Lipmann
8th A.E. Coy
Broadmeadows, Vic

My dear Padre,
This is my last day before I go back to camp tomorrow morning, and I have been busy all day and now I am just cleaning up and setting my mind on “the business” again.
Before I go on let me thank you once againfor the welcome you and your family gave me and the really wonderful time I spent with you. It was particularly nice of you to come down to the station and see me off and I regret I arrived to late, just in the nick of time but I usually do that when I travel alone. I was quite touched that Mrs Alcorn thought of me and I would just like to tell her that I started munching straight away and it must have been near Moss Vale when I had eaten everything up except the piece of your birthday cake for Bruno which I gave him Saturday afternoon after I had arrived.
Contrary to the trip up it turned out to be a very pleasant and also comfortable journey. I had a good seat at the window until up to Albury and I could sleep in a more or less comfortable position. From Albury onward I was in a compartment with only another two people – very easy ......... The train arrived a few hours late at 2pm on Sat. I was not a bit tired and after a general brush up I met B & M1 and spent the afternoon and evening with them.
The christening had been postponed to Monday and it went very well indeed. On Sunday we also had a little party at one of our friends.
B. & M. had a surprise in store when I came back. They had found a flat just that very day & were in a particularly good mood. However a few readjustments have to be made and they may not be able to occupy it before Nov / Dec. Still it gives them a bit of time too the (?) get everything ready as far as furniture and other things are concerned not to mention all the odds and ends which usually take a longer time to procure.
During the next few days or weeks they will decide when & where they shall get married. Bruno will tell you all these things himself.
I have not got the address of Overhoff yet but I shall get it on Wednesday or Thursday and then I can let you know.
It has been terribly cold yesterday and the day before yesterday. Possibly that I feel it more just coming from the warmth of Sydney. It was frosty this morning and a pair of socks I had left on the line has shrunk to about half its size. During the however it is warm and lovely.
Please give my very best regards to Mrs Alcorn and to Joyce2, Frankie3 & Walter4 & last but not least to the young prince5.
Kindest regards & all the best to you.

Bruno's note

Dear Padre,
Eric wrote this letter yesterday and I am sorry that I have caused another day's delay in sending it off. The best bit of news is that we have found a flat afterall! It will probably be quite a while however until we can move in since the owners are going to make quite substantial changes. They are rebuilding practically half the house.
We have not yet decided on the date when we shall get married, but it seems certain now that it will be before Christmas. There are a lot of things to be done and it is great excitement and happiness to do them.
The government allowed the owners only to spend a comparatively small amount on rebuilding expenses, and so there are many things that I shall do myself. Next week, or shortly after, I shall start on painting all the doors of the flat, also the garden is in a bad state and many other minor things. The place has no major shortcomings and I am sure it will be made into a nice and happy home. Margaret and I are so very happy about it.
Eric told me all about the very fine holiday he had in Sydney. I should have loved to see you too again. Please give my thanks to Mrs Alcorn for the piece of birthday cake which I liked very much. I shall have to close now with the best regards to you, Mrs Alcorn and your family.
1. Eric's brother and future sister-in-law – Bruno & Margaret
2. Rev. Alcorn's 2nd daughter Joyce Alcorn, b. 1924 – later Mrs Joyce Favelle
3. Rev. Alcorn's 1st daughter Francis Alcorn, b. 1920 d. 2007 – later Mrs Frankie Oates OAM
4. Frankie's husband Walter
5. Walter & Frankie's 1st son Ronald Kim Oates – later Professor Kim Oates


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